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June Books

Is it July already? Time flies when your’e working 40-50 hour weeks and trying to get your career off the ground!

If I am not working, sleeping, or eating (or any combination of the three), I am reading. Nevertheless, June was an extremely busy month for me, so I didn’t read quite as much as I normally do. Still, three novels is above average.

Micro, Michael Crichton and Richard Preston

Rating: 2 stars


I did finish this book, though it was certainly painful at times. The cardboard characters and sloppy writing style that can only be attributed to an unfinished work completed by another made this my least favorite Crichton novel. I love Crichton and enjoy Preston, but not together.

I did find the plot intriguing, however. It had good potential; the writing just didn’t follow through. Recommended to die-hard Crichton and sci-fi fans who don’t mind trading low quality writing for a good plot.

Empty, Suzanne Weyn

Rating: 2 stars


The plot is unarguably intriguing, thought-provoking long after the books is finished. But the writing style, dialogue, and characters desperately needed work. A good revisions editor or ghostwriter could have easily taken this from a two-star book to a five-star book.

Uglies, Scott Westerfeld

Rating: 4 Stars


Keeping in mind that this book is intended for YA audiences, I really enjoyed it. I did find the overuse of “bubbly” and “bogus” annoying, though I do understand their purpose. It also took me awhile to get used to terminology like “New Pretty Town” and “Uglyville”, as I can not imagine a less imaginable name for the sectors. However, I found the technology fascinating, plot exciting, and history interesting enough to make up for it.

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